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Man in Delhi, India.

Collection of Delhi photos taken by photographer Kristian Bertel. Gallery of photos from Delhi in a variety of works by the photographer.

Poor people are forced to leave
The eyes of the world are on Delhi as it gears up to host the Commonwealth Games and activists fear poor people are being forced to leave because they send out the wrong image. Shanty towns across the city have been razed to the ground. Some are deemed too close to venues while others have been demolished to make way for car parks and road improvement schemes. The most importing thing for me is that my photos tell a compelling story. When people look on my photos from anywhere I go, I want them to imagine being in that moment and give into whatever emotion they feel, and momentarily escape from what else is happening around them.

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Silence in a street.

The poor will be eligible for subsidised food
The Indian government says it has found that 100 million more Indians are living below the poverty line than previously thought. Over 370 million Indians - 40% of the population - are now eligible for subsidised food supplies. The recalculation is based on earnings and the ability of a family to afford one meal a day meeting minimum nutritional needs.

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Daily activity in Delhi.

Migration from other states
Migration from other states has made Delhi over populated and an extremely polluted modern city. There is hardly any residential space left in the city that is not occupied by citizens and dwellers. Delhi's population has increased manifold in the past few years. If the stats are be believed, Delhi's population has grown over forty percent in the last ten years and the population now stands close to around fourteen million. This is despite the fact that sixty percent of Delhi-ites are born elsewhere. The increase in population has made it imperative for neighboring states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to take advantage of the situation and make inroads towards developing the region.

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Curious Indian spectators in Delhi.

Immersing in the culture of India
Kristian Bertel is mostly known for his travel photos from India, but some of his photos also have a more photojournalistic and social-environmental angle. He is immersing himself in a place and a culture. When in India, he is photographing the everyday life that passes by him. Everyday life of children, women and men in India in numerous neighborhoods of the cities, like in this blog post, which is about Delhi. "- It is incredible when people open up their lives to me, there are so many stories there can be told", he says. He works as a photographer and he is available for editorial assignments all over Europe, Asia, Africa and in the Middle East. For further information and inquiries please:
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